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Hyundai Auto Service & Maintenance

Each component in your Hyundai has a different expected lifespan, and some parts have specific care requirements that should be met to optimize their longevity. While you could try to keep up with the maintenance needs of your Hyundai on your own, we happily provide you with a much easier solution. Our service center can address each maintenance need for all of the recommended interval services.

Your Hyundai’s 3,500-Mile Service

Your Hyundai’s first major mileage service is due when the odometer reads 3,500 miles. Most of the requirements at this point will need regular attention at other service intervals. These include lubricating the chassis, changing the engine oil and filter, checking wear patterns on the tires, adjusting fluid levels, inspecting the hoses and belts, and more. An inspection of the undercarriage is also required at this point.

Recommended Services at 7,500 Miles

Most of the recommended services at 3,500 miles will need to be repeated when the odometer hits the 7,500-mile mark. These services are combined with additional requirements like inspecting the steering system and the suspension system, rotating and balancing the tires, adjusting the parking brake, reviewing the braking system, and inspecting exterior lighting.

The 15,000-Mile Service Needs

Age and wear on your Hyundai will impact other systems and parts when the vehicle’s odometer reaches 15,000 miles. Adding onto the services recommended at previous intervals, the Hyundai may also need an air filter replacement, a front alignment, a 21-point safety inspection, an exhaust and emission system inspection, and more.

Recommended 24,000-Mile Maintenance Service

Many of the recommended services at earlier intervals may also need to be completed at this point. Additional services may include a brake fluid exchange service and the installation of a Protex kit.

Schedule Hyundai Service in Lexington Park, MD

Your Hyundai must receive additional attention from our skilled mechanics at regular intervals throughout its lifetime. Regardless of the mileage interval services needed at this time, you can count on us to get the job done quickly and correctly. Contact us today for assistance with your Hyundai’s next service.